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Azure Tan Violet Base Extreme Dark Self Tan Mousse is a colour correcting tan to neutralise yellow/golden undertones for a rich brown tan.

Enjoy results in as little as an hour!

With our active skincare approach this product also doubles as a skincare treatment for the body to helping to leave your skin hydrated, nourished & tanned.

Infused with the active ingredients 

💦 HYALURONIC ACID - Works by drawing moisture into the skin to further help maintain moisture levels and create smooth and plump skin

💦 VITAMIN B3, B5, C, E - Super anti-oxidants that improve  & help protect the skin from harmful UV radiation, which can accelerate skin ageing

💦 CERAMIDE COMPLEX -  Rebuild and restore the protective barrier of the skin to retain moisture.

Azure Tanning Mousse - Violet Base - Extreme Dark

  • As with all tans, we HIGHLY recommend that you treat this at home tan the same as you would an in-salon tan.

    Prep your skin beforehand with the Pre-Glow Exfoliation Mitt & keep your skin is moisturised to ensure a long lasting natural tan.

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