This nutritious aromatic blend of exotic superfoods is a fast absorbing face oil that will nourish dry skin and plump out the signs of ageing. Replace your night cream with Superfood Face Oil to ensure your skin is getting the essential nutrients it needs to help maintain optimum skin health and a youthful glow. This non-greasy, fast absorbing potent mix of 21 nutrients is free from harmful chemicals, nut free and is pregnancy safe! Superfood face oil is 100% skin digestible. Oil-soluble nutrients are fed to the skin to strengthen and repair its essential barrier function, regulating natural sebum (oil) secretions allowing them to flow uninterrupted through the night without blocking the pores.

This non-greasy blend will help to balance oiliness and treat breakouts with purifying Broccoli and healing Tomato, whilst antibacterial citrus fruits help to cleanse congestion

Nourish dryness and dehydration with moisturising Sunflower Seeds, Camellia and Prickly Pear oils.

Skin nurturing essential fatty acids from Chia, Blueberry and Kiwi Fruit, along with omega 7 rich Seabuckthorn Berries keep your skin moisturised from the inside to comfort skin sensitivity, while anti-inflammatory Turmeric and Chamomile help to sedate redness.

Antioxidant dense Pomegranate and Red Raspberry fight free radicals, keeping your skin younger for longer. Add to that the wonder ingredient that is Commipheroline, an Indian extract that converts essential fatty acids into a ‘good’ fat that will plump & feed the deeper layers of your skin whilst Micronized Algae increases the production of supportive collagen within your skin.

This is THE night oil!

Available in an elegant glass dropper RRP $55