A 48-hour hydration complex ensures your skin receives a continuous surge of hydration resulting in healthy, luminous and protected skin, while ultra-bronzers and boosted melanin tanning technology deliver a natural to dark finish.

Customise your colour by personalising and refining rinse times to suit you and your desired colour. For a natural finish, leave on the skin for 2 hours, for medium 3-4 hours and for a dark-intense result leave on for 6+ hours.

For best results apply mist to clean, exfoliated skin. Pump mist into Moroccan Blend + Buff Mitt and apply to the body in circular motions, working in sections. Use sparingly on elbows, knees and ankles. Allow a few minutes to dry. A deep bronze will appear immediately and the product can be worn without rinsing.
No rinsing means the colour will not only be instant (and you’re ready to go) it also means it will continue to deepen over time for the darkest result.
Alternatively, you can follow our rinse guide. For a natural finish rinse after 2-hours, for medium 3-4-hours, for a dark-intense result rinse after 6+ hours.
Full colour will develop over 12-24 hours and Instant Dry Oil will last for up to a week.

Moroccan Tan Instant Dry Tanning Oil